Riky Rick Exodus

Directed by the renowned Kyle Lewis, Ricky Rick’s Exodus is a unique cross-pollination of genres – a mixed palette where music video meets short film. Three tracks from Ricky Rick’s album ‘Family Values’ are presented in three different vignettes steeped in myth and symbolism, each piece a stand alone narrative as well as a collective, nuanced story of catharsis.

On this production, I had the honour of working with an insanely talented team, consisting of Producer Will Nicholson, D.O.P Pierre de Villiers, Stylist Kaley Meyer, Editor Stephen Du Plessis, and a host of talent from Khayelitsha Site C, Cape Town.

Apart from the usual AD responsibilities of keeping the schedule, my other roles on Exodus included driving the bakkie, light-swinging and smoke-bomb supervision!

To date, the Awards won by Riky Rick’s Exodus include a Silver Loerie for “TELEVISION, FILM AND VIDEO COMMUNICATION: MUSIC VIDEOS” as well as a Feature on the international SHOTS website

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