Hectic On 3

Hectic On 3 is the tween show with a twist! We are a young and funky daily live television show that beams right in to your living room every afternoon from Monday to Friday on SABC3!

About Hectic On 3:

This revolutionary kid’s TV show on SABC3 at 3pm-3:30pm! We’re set to break boundaries and give our tween audience – that’s 8-12 years old for all you grown-ups – a stage to engage with the world around us! Every weekday we bring you the best of tech inspiration, crafty DIY experiments, and a whole lot of fun and games!

“We live on 3 levels here at Hectic On 3, which are Play, Create, and Inspire

When we play, we have fun in studio, act out skits and include a prank every now and then to learn through fun and games. When we create, we make and experiment by making things that our viewers can also make in the comfort of their own home! And when we inspire, it’s our chance to show our viewers the young movers and shakers in Mzansi, and let everyone know how they can dream big!

My Role:

Early in 2018, after only a few months of finding my feet as the Producer of the live television show Hectic Nine-9 (more on that here!) SABC approached us with the the idea of increasing their children’s viewing bouquet to include a tween-friendly show.

So, stepping up to the challenge of Creative Director, my role was to formulate and package Hectic’s ‘little sister’ in to a bright and energetic live television show. With a 2 month lead and plenty of enthusiasm, the small Hectic team orchestrated the launch of this groundbreaking television show.

For more information on Hectic On 3, check out their website here!

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