HN9 Guru Cup

About Hectic Guru Cup

Hectic Nine-9’s Hectic Guru Cup is a 13 part series of 24-minute episode game show in which teams, participate head-to-head and walk away with prizes and the TITLE as the Guru Cup winners! The games are designed to challenge participant’s general knowledge, problem solving skills and their motor skills in three rounds of challenges.

In each episode of the Hectic Nine-9 Guru Cup, 2 teams of high-school students compete for the chance to go through to the Semi Final round (Episode 4, Episode 8 & Episode 12). In each Semi Final round, the 3 winning teams then compete for a spot in the Finals, and in the Final Episode the ultimate Guru Cup Champion is chosen!

There are 3 rounds of Challenges in each episode of the Hectic Nine-9 Guru Cup. In round 1 teams must complete a series of Multiple Choice Questions worth 100 points each. In round 2 teams compete against the clock on 2 ‘teamwork’ challenges – a feat that’s harder than it looks! And in the final round teams compete against each other to see how many points they can get in a set amount of time. In each episode, the team with the most points wins!

My Role

As part of the fresh new relaunch of the longstanding youth television show Hectic Nine-9, our client wanted us to pull out all the stops and create something fresh, new and exciting that would ‘lie outside the usual HN9’.

As Producer of hectic Nine-9 at the time, my role was to include this new Game Show format within the overall HN9 brand, and align this with our teen voice. And the team did not disappoint! With only a few months lead time, and limited resources, we managed to formulate a Game Show within the umbrella brand of Hectic Nine-9 that spoke to our teen target audience, and also had a unique look and feel.

Our very own ‘Game Show Guru’ Mario Le Grange was brought in, who has a wealth of experience in television formats – from Okuhle’s own Beter Assie Bure, to Big Brother and more!

What transpired was a spectacular 13 part series shot over 2 weeks just days away from the relaunch of HN9, with the team working tirelessy to meet delivery. Ultimately, the Hectic Nine-9 Guru Cup is a unique way to bring a competitive element to a teen audience, while still upholding important values like belonging and school identity!

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