Mzilikazi 4: A Mountain Falls

In the final installment of the Mzilikazi series for the Our Story Collection from Heritage Publishers, we chronicle the final days of the paramount Ndebele Chief as he extends his territory across the plains of South Africa and present day Zimbabwe.

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In this fourth and final novel of the Mzilikazi series, we follow the Great Bull Elephant from the central plains of South Africa to his final resting place in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After securing his newlyfounded amaNdebele nation in the present-day North West Province, Mzilikazi and his people expanded their territory towards the Batswana lands on the fringes of the Kalahari Desert, and to the east and south along the Vaal River. The last years of the Khumalo Chief’s life was marked by significant changes that helped create the borders and communities we know today.

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